I am happily at the 28 day mark.  This entire experience has been up and down.  The up side is the postive feelings I have and the way my body feels.  The down side was the illness early on.  I am quite pleased with all of the experiences.  For the most part I was able to stay calm no matter what was going on.  Unfortunatly I allowed someone else’s baggage to upset my disposition.  That was only for a moment however.  I know now that I need to continue concentrating on my vibration.  My life work.  It isn’t always easy.

Problem solving skills are appreciated when you are able to be calm.  Things only become difficult when it isn’t fluid.  That’s okay.  I will remain fluid and natural.  I will make the commitment to love in moment.  Listen to my heart, and follow my dreams!

Last night I finally had the RAW mashed potatoes.  I scoured the internet for different recipes relating to this dish.  I tried to figure out what the mistakes were and what was helping the dish.  However, none of my research worked :/

I followed the recipe and information I found on this link.

Here is the picture of my potatoes before I added to the meal…

I made a simple gravy with a handful of pinenuts, marinated mushrooms, and some Nama Shoyu sauce.

Here is the plate as it was served…

I made a little pecan sausage and mixed it with the rest of the tomato pizza sauce I had left over from the evening before.  I also served it with a salad and avocado!

Overall the meal was good.  I didn’t like the Mashed Potaotes.  AT ALL! :/  Maybe the key is a Vita Mix???  I will continue to perfect this recipe.  I will also try it with Jicama instead of Cauliflower.  Maybe I should have done what the recipe says and put marinated mushrooms on top?  Whatever the case most of the meal was okay.  I will continue with my culinary adventure into the world of RAW foods!

Update: No pains in my knees, elbows, and back.  I have no more rash on my neck.  My feet don’t hurt at all.  I can enter yoga poses much easier!

I will have another Yoga Mala end the cleanse.  I feel good. I feel healthy!