I wanted a different culinary experience last night so I went in a Japanese direction.  I have been reading about seaweed and the health benefits each seaweed has.  Last night my meal consisted of DULSE with vegetables and a Gomaae dish.

Gomaae are dishes seasoned with sesame sauce as goma means sesame seeds in Japanese. It’s commonly cooked at home in Japan. Different ingredients can be added in gomaae dishes, and the most common ingredient is spinach.  It’s called horenso no gomaae.

Since I don’t cook or toast my food I did a variation on a traditional Japanese dish.

RAW HORENSO NO GOMAAE –      (Spinach with Sesame Paste)

  1. Spinach (3 Handfuls), sliced chiffonade style
  2. Raw Tahini, (2 tbsp.)
  3. Sake, (3 tbsp.)
  4. Raw Agave, (1 tbsp.)
  5. Nama Shoyu, (2 tbsp.)
  6. Raw Sesame Seeds, (1 tbsp.)

Preparation:  In a small bowl whisk the tahini and the sake.  Follow with the agave and nama shoyu.  Let stand.  Chiffonade the spinach and place in a bowl.  Toss with dressing right before serving.  Sprinkle raw sesame seeds on top for garnish.  I used a tablespoon each serving.

Spinach before dressing…

Sesame Paste Dressing…


1 c dry dulse  seaweed (soak for 5 min+)
thinly sliced cucumber (about half a large one)
thinly sliced carrot (about one carrot)
thinly sliced cabbage (about 1/2 a small head)
3 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp liquid aminos
1 tbsp agave syrup
2 tbsp black sesame seeds

Preparation:  First soak dulse in water for 5 or more minutes.  (I placed the dulse in the water and made all of the other dishes.)  Thinly slice all of the vegetables.  In a (seperate) small bowl add rice vinegar, sesame oil, agave, sesame seeds, liquid aminos. Whisk together and add to the vegetables.  Mix all together and allow to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes to soak up the dressing.

Thinly sliced carrots and cucumber…


Raw Japanese Meal Plate 2…

The avocado was a nice addition to this meal.  I think I will try some of these salads inside of a Nori Roll with Parsnip rice.  More on that recipe development later.

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