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It seems as though it has been a long time since I last posted…

Last week seemed a bit surreal.  My grandmother died and I was sort of I don’t know…I guess out of it???  Not depressed.  Just a bit reflective about life.  How beautiful it is.  The fact that DUALITY is a definite variable in life.

My grandmother was 98 years old and I felt as though; well, to be sad would have been greedy.   She was a beautiful woman.  I smile when I think about her hairline or when she would wear her hair in a long long braid.  Her braid almost touched the ground.  I remember being about 7 or 8 and watching her walk away in the mornings after my mother would pick up my cousin.  Danny (my cousin) and I were the same age.  We went to school together and my Grandmother would always walk him to the car.  Sadly both Danny and my Grandmother are gone now…

Sorry I digress…

As I was saying I was in a fog and I felt as though I needed to get some new and exciting recipes going, get some movement going on in the brain.  Go in a direction of newness rather then get stuck in reflective mode.  I thought if I was in “action mode”  I would be better suited to help my father deal with the loss of his mother.  Things haven’t been to interesting on the culinary side of life in a little while.  And so Recipe Development began a few days ago.

As I wrote down different ideas for new Menus I put it all out there for the universe to help me.  To help me make some life changes, help me accept new opportunities and even create some exciting new adventures.  Mangos were at the top of 4  recipes I had been thinking about and developing and finally jotted some things down last night.  I kept thinking about where I would buy them.  I figured I would go get the Mangos tonight and begin Mango Adventure week one.

I opened my shop as usual and began my day of taking care of bills, making lists and generally taking all that I need into consideration.  As I was sitting at my computer a gentlemen walked into the store and asked if I would like to buy some Mangos.  I smiled to myself.  I had just finished some recipes last night about Mangos.  How beautiful!  Pure Love! Pure Bliss!

These wonderful beauties will be used in a variety of recipes this week.

And now a bit of history of the wonderful mango!


The English singular form mango comes from the Latin Mangifera indica meaning mango-bearing plant from India.

The mango is a member of the Anachardiaceae family which includes poison ivy, cashews and pistachios.

Cultivated for over 6,000 years, the mango comes in over 50 varieties, ranging in color from greenish, yellowish, to reddish, often tinged with purple, pink, orange-yellow, or red.


Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV
Vitamin A 1262 IU 25%

Retinol 0.0 mcg

Retinol Activity Equivalent 62.7 mcg

Alpha Carotene 28.1 mcg

Beta Carotene 734 mcg

Beta Cryptoxanthin 18.2 mcg

Lycopene 0.0 mcg

Lutein+Zeaxanthin 0.0 mcg

Vitamin C 45.7 mg 76%
Vitamin D ~~
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 1.8 mg 9%

Beta Tocopherol ~

Gamma Tocopherol ~

Delta Tocopherol ~

Vitamin K 6.9 mcg 9%
Thiamin 0.1 mg 6%
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 6%
Niacin 1.0 mg 5%
Vitamin B6 0.2 mg 11%
Folate 23.1 mcg 6%

Food Folate 23.1 mcg

Folic Acid 0.0 mcg

Dietary Folate Equivalents 23.1 mcg

Vitamin B12 0.0 mcg 0%
Pantothenic Acid 0.3 mg 3%
Choline 12.5 mg
Betaine ~
That is all the skinny on the Vitamins within the actual fruit.  Lots of Vitamin C, lots of  Vitamin A.  What a powerful house of vitamins!!!  There is also probiotic effects from the Mango!!! YAY!!!
Thanks for reading!