Good DAY!! How are you today? Are you okay?  I hope you are!  How does your mind feel?  What about your body? 

Are you fighting bad weather? Obstacles due to the weather?  I would love to hear from you readers out there!!! 🙂

As for me?  Well the Veg888 blogger met her goal!  The Venice Christmas run was a SUCCESS!!!  It was a wonderful event!


Friday – I made sure to have a smoothies with Spirulina and berries ALL DAY!  I also maintained a HIGH RAW menu for the day.  I had Tabouli, Green Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives, romaine lettuce), Hummus, and some eggplant (in the form of BABAGANOUJ – the cooked part of the meal). 

Once we got home, I squeezed some FRESH O.J. and mixed it with E3 Live.  I had two mushrooms stuffed with basil, tomatoes, nut cheese, and spices.  Made it to bed by 11:00 pm.  (This is quite early for me.  I am usually in bed at like 2am…) 

Put all of my running gear together: RACE BIB #61, my tennis shoes, my (2) POWER BALANCE bracelets, socks, shorts, shirt, exercise bra and jacket.  I also had a Gear Bag ready for the day.  I had extra socks, some band-aids, a change of clothes, lotion, sandals and some various odds and ends.  I plugged in the Garmin to charge and went to bed. 

I set the alarm for 5:45 and 6:00 a.m.  I knew I wanted to get a Yoga set in before we left for the race AND I wanted to meditate before the race as well.  I felt I needed to visualize positivity and love.  I can get a bit snippy when I am unsure of certain aspects and feel pressured.  I didn’t want that energy to be part of my day so I knew I would need to meditate!

5k DAY

Saturday – The alarm was set for 5:45 and 6:00 am.  Eventually got out of bed at 6:10 am and headed to the living room for some yoga asanas and meditation.  I just tried to breathe and focus on my goals for the day.  I made sure to say thank you for the use of my legs, the opportunity to be alive and the wonderful experience  at hand!

Got into the shower at about 7:10 and tried to stay positive.  My mantra for the day was – Just finish the race and enjoy the experience!

We left the house about 8:10am.  I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach and just tried to breathe.  There were moments when my mind would wander and I would start saying…”You are 20 minutes off schedule.  The race starts at 9:15 am and you are barely leaving…I would then come back to breathing and remained calm. 

We got to the beach at about 8:30am.  We found parking pretty easily.  I put my bib on and headed to the race. 

There were SO MANY PEOPLE there! It was amazing!  The people were all SO POSITIVE!  There were elves, and reindeer, Santa Claus and all types of other costumes I had never seen.  We started right on time.  The gun went off at 9:15 and I didn’t get to the start line until about 9:18 or so.  I didn’t feel the need to jock for position at the start line.  After all, I wasn’t there to try to win.  I was there to run and finish. 

For the last month my pace has been a 14 minute mile.  I kept thinking – “Well I said I would complete the 5k in 45 minutes when I registered.  Technically I should finish within that time frame. Right? As doubt attempted to wander into my mind, I heard a women YELL OUT – 14:58!  I looked down at the Garmin and I noticed that I had already passed the 1 mile mark!  Good Job I thought!  Whew!

Up the hill and then the turn around, still feeling good.  The Garmin beeped at mile 2 and I was still feeling strong.  There was a table set out for water, but I passed.  Along the entire course there were people CHEERING FOR ALL THE RUNNERS! 🙂  SO POSITIVE!!  I heard people yelling “Go Runners!” there was even a guy out there yelling with bells and reindeer antlers! He just kept yelling “GO RUNNERS! YOUR MORE THAN HALF WAY THERE!”  YOU GOT UP THIS MORNING AND YOUR GONNA DO IT! GO RUNNER! GO RUNNERS!” He was so animated and hilarious!  I picked up the pace and continued to run! I was laughing and quite happy at this point!  Just then a woman appeared to be passing me.  Now the key to this visual is this.  Imagine for just one moment: A tall woman about 5’10” or so.  Now the clincher is this next visual!  She was pregnant and pushing (2) toddlers in a rather large stroller!  I thought … “What?”  Am I seeing what I am seeing?  Oh hell no!  If this woman (WHO IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE I MIGHT ADD AND MY NEW HERO) is passing me…that is not a good sign!!! So I picked up the pace even more and headed to the finish line!  I got to the finish line with a time of 38:20!  That is a 12+ minute pace!!! WOO HOO!!!! 🙂

Went to the meeting place I had set up with my “taste tester”!  WATER!  Where is the 10ph of water?  He had everything ready for me and we walked back to the car.  I felt good and we headed off!

More race recap and pictures tomorrow!  Having trouble with my computer again! 😦

Love and Light!