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Hello Longevity Seekers!

How are you out there?!

It has been quite some time since we last spoke!

Things are progressing nicely and I am finding myself quite busy these days.  What about you?

I had mentioned a few bothersome aches and pains due to running, but thankfully I have been able to work through ALL of them! 🙂

Various yoga routines have been the most KEY point in running without an injury.  Many of the poses have really opened my mind and in turn my body.

Usually I begin with forward bends and move on to various hip opening poses.  Many of the “running preparatory” poses, or so I like to call them, help enormously while I am in the act of running.

Allowing the hips, glutes and hamstrings to be stretched throughout any given session is REALLY HELPFUL when I am doing a long run! Usually 6-7+ miles.  (Hopefully I will be able to add about a mile or two this week to the 7 mile mark!)

So I usually start with:

Forward Bend – Uttanasana – To wake up the hamstrings!  I usually hold this pose for 3 minutes. Inhale. move into…

Exhale…Upward Salute – Urdhva Hastasana – Usually to rejoice I am about to RUN!!! 🙂 BIG Inhale…

Exhale… Standing Half Forward Bend – Ardha Uttanasana – This is usually added as a variation to the forward bend because it allows me to check on my taste tester and at times feel the stretch in my back !

I usually repeat this series 3 more times before I move onto the next sequence of poses.

I begin in Tadasana and place my arms to my side palms down toward the floor and step one foot to the right.  This way I am ready to practice the next pose.

Prasarita Padottanasana I – Wide Leg Forward Bend – This is usually a very intense stretch for the hamstrings, calves, inner part of the thigh, glutes and part of my lower back.  Since this is usually challenging the first time I practice this asana I usually touch the floor with my palms and hold the pose for about 2-3 minutes.  Once I am warmed up, I place my elbows on the ground and really intensify this stretch.  However, when practicing ALWAYS stay in the present tense and B.R.E.A.T.H.E!!! Just stay comfortable!

From this pose I usually angle one foot and move into Parsvottanasana – Intense Side Stretch Pose – which is REALLY helpful on the inner part of the thigh, glutes and lower back.  I hold this pose on each side.

Although I move into more poses I am wondering if you are bored right about now??? If you would like more poses comment below and I can do a special sequence post for before and after a run! 🙂

With the exception of this evening, I would like to run a few times in the a.m. this week. Let’s see if I can’t shake things up a bit.  I say this because I am not usually a morning person!  AT ALL! But, I digress.

I would like to run 25+ miles this week.  That is the goal.  I am confident I will be able to run a half marathon by the fall.  I find it takes me until about mile 4 to feel warmed up, which is great on longer runs and not to good while running 3 miles or less.  That isn’t to say I can’t run, just not as warmed up I suppose.  Maybe that is why I see people running prior to a race….hmmmm.

I did meet my goal to run on my birthday! 🙂  This birthday was truly a wonderful day! I ran a 5k next to the beach, enjoyed a great dinner with my taste tester and GREAT friend Ignacio!  He is studying at the University of Santa Barbara at the moment and coincidentally enough the college was just across the street from the Beach where the race was! 🙂 Yeah!

We talked and hung out until it was time to drive back to the LA area.  I hope to do a few more Wednesday Evening races.

It appears that many of the races in June and on are DURING THE WEEK and THE WEEKEND! Yeah!  The summer seems to invite more activity around these parts!

Lots of Yoga, Lots of Meditation and LOTS OF LOVE ahead this next month and beyond.  I am currently looking for some really cool giveaways this year and am so thankful to my SUBSCRIBER out there! 🙂  (You know who you are beautiful! 🙂  Look for something in the mail for you…)

and for the ZING…

Yoga Journal has recently written an article about a Homemade Sports Drink.  It is titled “Fix yourself a Drink” and can be found on page 28.  If you don’t receive Yoga Journal I have copied the recipe below…

Homemade Sports Drink (NOT VEGAN)

1/2 tsp honey

1 cup hot water

Juice from quarter of a lemon

Pinch Salt

Combine ingredients, stir, and chill the drink in the refrigerator to enjoy later.  Drink before and after exercise.

Write me, email me, comment or visit!

Love and Light!



This weekend I successfully finished my 8th race! Woo Hoo! 🙂

The race this weekend coincided with the (Automatic) World Wide WordPress 5k and my goal to run a race a month this entire year! LOVELY!

Santa Anita Derby 5k

This race was quite an experience!  The race started in the parking lot of the Westfield Shopping Center in Arcadia, Ca.  The race then took you toward the Los Angeles Arboretum and on the grounds of this wonderful property for most of the 5k.  The last 3/4 mile takes you back toward the mall and ultimately into the world famous SANTA ANITA RACE TRACK.

Sunday was an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL day in Arcadia!

Here are some pictures of the mountains!

Walking up to the start line!

The race receives 8 stars out of 10

Our beautiful mountains!


  • There were over 5,000 participants who woke up and RAN / WALKED
  • The wonderful course through the Arboretum!
  • LOTS and LOTS of trash cans for the water cups! 🙂

Inside the Santa Anita Race Track!


  • The walkers that walk in a row of 3+ wide!!!  Runners usually have to somehow get past the WALL of walkers!  Walkers – stick to the right and allow the runners to pass you on the left!  (I suppose I understand ALOT better why the chracter in SPANGLISH (a movie with Adam Sandler) would yell LEFT when she was running up along side someone or about to pass someone! 🙂
  • The last 3/4 of a mile was a bit more challenging that any part of the race. The last leg of the race takes you into the Race Track.  The last 1/4 mile or so takes you onto clay! THIS WAS CHALLENGING! WHEW! Actually threw me for a loop and stopped me from my kick at the end!  The only negative feelings are a personal one and in no way at fault of the race coordinators!  I will be prepared next time!

Horses at the RACE TRACK! 🙂

I finished the 5k slower than the Mardis Gras Race in Valencia by 1+ minute. 😦  Faster than the Venice Christmas Fun Run 5k by 2+ minutes and 7+ minutes faster than the Chinatown 5k! 🙂  I have enjoyed taking the time to run and focus on my body.

Last night was the first time in a long time I went through my entire set of Yoga Poses to awaken the body.  Intergrating Yoga back into my life will only strengthen my running abilities.  At the moment I am dealing with a knee issue.  I have read and mentioned in a past posting that many knee issues arise out of TIGHT HIPS!  Well, let me tell ya…there is A LOT MORE THAN TIGHT HIPS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! 😛  Hamstrings, calves, and various other muscles!

My knee only bothers me when I step down!  As I went through my poses I noticed I was holding some emotion there.  I cannot put my finger on it…YET!  I kept having to remind myself to open my mind and focus on an “OPEN KNEE”!  I had to really be aware of not constricting the knee while I moved in and out of various poses.  Strange.

Today the knee FELT ALOT better.  My taste tester usually puts tiger balm on my knee for me, but I think I am going to make my own version of a rub since I noticed there are petroleum products in it. 😦

Jericho Mile

Great Running Movie!

In my ever expanding collection of movies, I recently added a running film called The Jericho Mile.

Rain Murphy is a man sentenced to life in prison, choosing to do his time in near-isolation, and engages in distance running when given the opportunity for free-time. While his form and speed capture the attention of prison officials who believe he could be competitive for the Olympics, Murphy expresses disinterest. But when the one man he has befriended is taken advantage of by political groups within the prison, Murphy decides to pursue the opportunity presented to him in his memory. This action not only has profound changes on him, but also on the atmosphere of the inmates in the prison and their outlook on the accomplishments he can make. Written by Tara Ragatz

This film is a must see.  I had no idea it would be as inspiring as it is 20+ years later!  Anyone interested in a GREAT movie should see this movie!  At first I didn’t know what to expect.  I had been told it took place in a prison, and quite honestly I’m not into prison flicks.  It generally doesn’t seem like they would be positive! HOWEVER, this MOVIE WAS UPLIFTING, POSITIVE and leaves you wanting to see it again and again!

Thanks for reading!

Go Lickity Split!

Love and Light!


This weekend was quite an adventure indeed!

Life is a series of roller coasters!

Up and down the emotions go,

to the right and to the left the adventures wind –

sometimes slow…

Never knowing if you will be left in a bind,

No matter what happens – you just have to know

You are being kept in mind – Be strong! Be healthy!

Live in Love and Light – Lovin – Livin – Life can be out of sight!


Friday was my cousins funeral.  He was 48 years old.  A father, a husband but most of all a FUNNY FUNNY GUY! 🙂

I listened to the pastor, friends and colleagues speak of impressions, experiences and kindness he displayed throughout his existence.  I’m happy I knew him and had the opportunity to enjoy his personality and it was wonderful knowing this soul!

I send his soul love and light now.  The moment his breathe left that day – his soul left.

Yoga teaches us to face death before it ever happens.  It teaches that death is not finite, but instead another experience.  A new journey to open ourselves up to.  My cousin is onto his next phase of soul work.


We opened the store as usual.  In the evening, my taste tester and I went to the Luckman Theater – Cal State Los Angeles.

Paco Pena was performing!

For those of you who don’t know who that is… He is a Flamenco guitarist hailing from Cordoba, Spain! He plays traditional Spanish folk music and plays with Flamenco dancers and singers in a traditional setting.

Great Music + GREAT FLAMENCO DANCERS = Great Time by all!

We had invited my sister and her husband for a night out on the town!  They really enjoyed the performance!  That made me really happy.

It was nice to see the dancers and enjoy the music.  It took me to a different part of my mind I had totally forgotton about until that moment!

My mind skipped to a time when I was young and experiencing Spain for the first time.  I was 11 years old and was able to experience Flamenco Dancers and Singers in a small cave/tavern type of setting.  It was the first visit to Europe we would make as a family.  I remembered the olives and tapas from that night long ago.  The brightly colored sangria in the pitchers on the table.  The sliced oranges, cloves and various other cut fruit.  The candles dancing off of the glasses and walls – while I watched the women dancing and the singers mesmerizing everyone in the room!  The women were SO beautiful and the ambience was absolutely HYPNOTIC!

There was a 20 minute intermission and then another hour long performance on Saturday! What a treat! 2 hrs of Flamenco dancers, singers, and guitarists!!!

After the performance we ventured over to Pure Luck in Hollywood!

I had the Fiesta Plate!  My taste tester had his usual Jackfruit Burrito.  We had dinner and went straight home.  We needed to get up early since we were running our first 8k.  It seemed like a perfect race for someone who is into 8’s! 🙂 Right?


The 8k was located in Brea, CA which is approximatley 35-45 minutes away.  The race started at 8:00am and we still had to pick up our bibs and timing chips for our shoes!

We left the house at 6:15 am.  We woke up to 32 degree weather with frosted windshields and icy sidewalks!!! Brrr!!!

We dressed accordingly and we were off!

We arrived at 7:20 am – parked and headed to registration check in!

My bib number was 1718.  Once I did the math 1+7=8+9=17=8 and ended up with an 8 I knew great success was at hand!!!  Love the 8’s!!! Very lucky sign!!! I dedicated the race to the memory of my cousin Rick!

He died February 13, 2011 – The day of the Firecracker Race and he was buried on Friday February 25, 2011.  It seemed only right to run in his memory! Something positive in his memory I thought!

As always everyone was ULTRA positive and kind! 🙂  Much less people than I had seen in a while.  That was nice!!!  No problems with bathrooms or anything like that! YES!

Here is the START line!

The actual start line was approximately .25 mile away from our place in line!  There were a total of 2700+ entires – much less than the Chinatown Firecracker race! It worked out well!

The Course

The course was a series of 3 hills.  One being Heart Rate Hill!  Ok yeah! Wish I has known about THAT HILL!  It was alright though.  I made it!

The initial hill took us through a bit of a residential neighborhood and looped around the Brea Marketplace.  We then went around another residential area – a bunch of condos and up a small hill.  We then did another loop and went on to the base of Heart Rate hill!  After Heart Rate hill we did a straight a way for about .75 of a mile and looped around another neighborhood, another hill before we headed over to the FINISH line.  I was happy.  I completed the 5 mile/8k race in 1 hr 3 seconds.

I will definitely do this race again next year!

Psst…I am determined to make Heart Rate Hill my B*%@#! 🙂

As we traveled home I saw the most beautiful snow topped mountains!  That is not a usual occurrence for us here is Southern California!!!

I actually saw a few people from the Pepperdine Run in January so that was cool! 🙂  If I see them again I will definityly say HELLO!

Once we went home I made a huge salad with avocado, salsa and FRESH GREENS!!!

We also enjoyed a large glass of REJUVELAC! 🙂  Yes still brewing Rejuvelac! 🙂

About an hour later I served a halved avocado to my taste tester and topped it with some salsa.  Finished the laundry and made another salad!!! We had a total of 3 large salads on Sunday! Each with Avocado and tomatoes and tahini dressing!  It wasn’t until the evening that we had asparagus with a mushroom medly! (Garlic, Shitake, Portobello, Lobster, Crimini and Maitake mushrooms!)  It was great.  Went to bed at 10:30pm and woke up 12 hours later on Monday! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!!

Love and Light!

What did you do this weekend?

Have you dealt with a loss of a loved one recently?

Let me know! Give me a shout out! 🙂


In a previous post I spoke of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  The sutras outline various challenges and aspects we face in life and/or the yogic path.

Sustained Effort + Time = STRONG FOUNDATION

The foundation to meeting any goal is effort.  However, it is important to feel positive throughout the process-whatever you are about to undertake.  The more positive we feel about the process; the more we will enjoy the learning process.  No matter how painful and tiring it may be.

Continuing with no interruption refers to the commitment you have made and sticking to it.  Eating Raw, Yoga Practice, an Instrument, anything.  No endeavor which promises or gives instant gratification will last.

1.14 sa tu dirgha-kala-nairantarya-satkara-adara-asevito drdha-bhumih to acheive a strong foundation in our practice over a long time, without interuption, believing in it and looking forward to it, with an attitude of service.

Take it easy on yourself.  Slow and steady!  This is your time to spend the energy on manifestation!

The “Green” Burrito

This wonderful green “burrito” was my dinner last night.  I packed it with spinach, mixed baby green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, raw sesame seeds, avocado, a splash of olive oil, a splash of bragg and a splash of sesame oil.

The collards last night were so large I just had to use them as a “wrap”!!!

Check out this leaf…

Thank you for reading.

Love and Light!


READERS NOTE: (Haven’t done this in a while!  I love to read and research! I am passing along some information I find throughout the day! )

An interesting story at the NY Times Online about Kombucha – you can check  out the article here!  I am happy to see it getting some coverage.  Good or Bad.  I love KOMBUCHA!!! Anyone else out there like it?  What is your favorite flavor?  Any feed back?

Did the recent KOMBUCHA recall effect you?

This was a funny story… Forget vegan, he’s a “hegan”

Hello everyone! How are you today?  Well?  I hope so!  For those of you who need it – I send you a healing hug!!! 🙂  And for those of you feeling pretty good today – tell someone that you love them.  Loving is a healing emotion.  🙂

I thought I would explain and delve deeper into CHATURANGA DANDASANA.

Chaturanga = Four Limbs / Danda = staff (refers to the spine which is considered the support “staff” of the body.)

While in this pose it works your abdomen, upper arms, shoulders and back.  This pose is an extreme intensive pose when held for longer than 30 seconds. Trust me!! It is one of the poses used in the sequence of the Sun Salutation.  I have explained and written about the Sun Salutations here and here.

Benefits of Chaturanga Dandasana

  • Strengthens the arms and wrists
  • Tones the abdomen

Why is it important to have a strong core?

  1. Having a strong core helps improve running performance. 
  2. A strong core helps alleviate the pressure on the lower back by stabilizing the mid-section of your body. 
  3. Having strong oblique muscles (the ones that are responsible for twisting and transverse plane movements) helps to isometrically hold the body in a forward position so that you don’t waste energy moving from side to side and
  4. Strong core muscles aids in keeping the spine erect and supported during high impact activities such as running.

There are many more poses I will add to my workout.  However, I would like to hold this pose for more than 3 minutes.  We’ll see how successful I am in the coming weeks. Whew!  Try holding this pose and you will soon find out what I am talking about!!! 🙂

Remember to…



Rules and Prizes are HERE.




I have been meditating about life and all of it’s angles.  Sprouts growing in my kitchen, little birds learning to fly in my backyard, the life of the veggies I eat during a RAW meal, ETC.

Sprouts Update#1 – 050410

I soaked sunflower, radish, and peas for 8+ hours.  Did their first rinse at about 10 am.  Tonight I will rinse them.  I am excited to see what they have done, if anything…

The Quinoa was a really fast sprout!  From what I read so is the Radish Sprout.  It is a blend of Daikon and China Rose from Sprout People.  Since I would like to sprout the sunflower seed for it’s greens, I have 10+ days to go.  I will definitly need to begin a rotation of growing the sprouts and various types.

I will update with pix tomorrow!!!

Live Soups and Live sprouts with Live crackers sounds delicious!!! Especially since the heat has begun to rise here in Los Angeles.  Seems like the perfect time to make some FIREWATER!!!  (Stay tuned…)

I thought this was a great story to read before meditation.  I hope you all take the time to Meditate or Recharge or Pray or just be still and alone for at least 10 minutes during the day.  Inhale and Exhale. Rethink, Reorganize what is going on throughout your day.  Just take the time to really be grounded in your spirit and in your life.  It can only help us and those around us! 🙂

Once upon a time, before the sea existed, there was nobody living here, except Shiva and Shakti. Shakti is the most beautiful of all goddesses, and Shiva is her husband and lover. They love each other so much that even a short moment of separation is terrible for them. They are like wetness that is never separate from water, sweetness that is never separate from sugar, and warmth that is never separate from sunlight.

Once, Shiva went away to Mt. Kailash, to live as a hermit for awhile, and Shakti was not allowed to go with him. She stayed alone, below in the mountains, and felt very sad. Her longing for Shiva was so strong that she didn’t know what to do with herself. Everything around her seemed to be boring and purposeless, and she felt very restless. Shakti is inseparable from Siva – just as heat from fire, light from the sun, night from the sky, or a reflection from the mirror.

So, Shakti went around to all the Gods to ask for advice, but they couldn’t help her. When she was most desperate, she even went to Yama (the God of death); but he refused to see her, as she was not on his list of expected visitors.

Finally, she went to Indra (God of rain) and told him about her difficulties. He listened, and then said: You will meet Shiva again. In the meantime, you must practice Sadhana; this will serve two purposes. First, it will help you to progress spiritually, and will decrease the time you have to live without Shiva. You will also feel a certain inner contact with him, as he is practicing Sadhana, also. Secondly, your restlessness will disappear. The practice is to meditate on Om, the beginning-less sound. This practice will take you very far on the spiritual path. Just sit down for meditation, close your eyes, and repeat Om loudly, every time you exhale.

So, when the evening came, Shakti sat down in Padmasana and started repeating Om loudly. She found so much peace in this simple practice that it was impossible for her to stop. She sat in deep meditation for days, months, and years. Very heavy rains poured down on Shakti, but her meditation was so deep that she didn’t notice it at all. In a short time, the ground around her was covered with water. Soon, the water level had reached her waist. It rained and rained, and still Shakti didn’t notice anything. Finally, her whole body was covered with water, but her meditation was unbroken. She was still repeating, Om, Om, Om…

This is the sound of the sea, even today. At the bottom of the ocean, Shakti is still sitting deep in meditation, repeating her mantra. Every time she breathes in, the waves go back; every time she breathes out, they come forward again. So Om, the mystical eternal sound we hear in the ocean, is the voice of God. And so the ocean will go on roaring Om, Om, Om… until Shiva and Shakti are united again. And the sea is the best storyteller in the world. Just listen. You can learn everything from it, for everything is the sound of Om. This is the word which is powerful in silence.

See you tomorrow!  I will post the next Raffle Giveaway tomorrow as well!!!

Thanks for reading!


This is my 100th post.  The veg888 blog will continue to post new recipes, information about yoga poses and the local musical mediations I am able to attend.


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This post will consist of 3 Subjects.

  1. Yoga
  2. Raw Food Information
  3. Raw Food Recipes

Life is a sprial of good and bad all wrapped into one.  I wonder if there are those that have a spun stick of sugar type of life.  Like a big fat pink or blue cotton candy.  Sooo sweet they just are in bliss.

I am quite aware that there are those that aren’t so lucky all of the time.  Where it often seems as though they always have to fight bad energy.  Bad energy, good energy.  Both are REAL!  POSITIVE vs. NEGATIVE.  Again we come back to the duality in life.  And although we may not be able to change what we want all at the same time physically in whatever time frame we have given ourselves  – the point is you know what you want.  More than likely you even know how to get it.  Whatever it is.  The trick is not giving up.  Don’t ever give up a goal you are striving for.  Don’t ever stop trying to be a better person, lover, friend, parent, etc.  That’s what this is about.  Getting better in life like a fine wine.  It takes lots of pressure for precious stones to exist down in the depths of the earth.  Why would a goal be any different.  The same energy will be needed to ultimatley complete the task at hand! 🙂


MATSYASANA or Fish Pose.

According to a traditional text, Matsyasana is considered as the destroyer of all diseases.

• Blood circulation is increased as your cervical, thoracic, and lumber regions are stretched. Your back muscles are also strengthened. It is beneficial to those suffering from cervical spondylosis, neck pain, and stiffness.

• The Asana does wonders for your respiratory system; when you assume this position, your chest is stretched open and your bronchial tubes are widened to promote easier breathing. In time, your rib cage will expand, and this will also encourage you to breathe more deeply. It is good for asthma and bronchitis.

• The name of the posture derives from the fact that – if you adopt the position in water, you will float quite easily.

• This is helpful for swimmers who can then hold their breath under water for longer periods.

• Pressure on the neck also works on the thyroid gland and the parathyroid gland (which regulates the level of calcium in the body). Metabolism balances and immune system is boosted.

• Most of abdominal and stomach problems are also corrected as your intestines and abdominal muscles are stretched and toned. It is good in constipation and for bleeding piles.

• The pressure on your neck stimulates the energy centre that regulates the voice – thus improving voice quality.

• It tones the nervous system, the pelvic organs, and the nerves connected with sexual functions. It also helps prevent and remove disorders of the reproductive system. *

Contraindications and Cautions

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Serious lower-back or neck injury

RAWkin pose huh?  It will take a series of asanas before your body is warm enough to practice this pose.  It is feels sooo good.  My Yoga teacher always says “We are as young as our spine!”

This asana streches the spine and helps to get rid of the curve in your spine that eventually occurs with age.  It is also a great pose to improve posture.  Posture is sooo important.  It can help you look taller, thinner and confident.  All qualities that are postive!  Posture is something I am always having to work on! 😦


This week has been pretty drab as far as culinary creations.  However here is a plate I made the other day…

It was slices of eggplant that had been marinated in Apple Cider Vinegar, Noma Shoyu, and Olive Oil.  Between each slice there was a layer of  Mushrooms and Raw Marinara Sauce with fresh oregano.  It was alright.  Not my best.

It is easy to get down on ourselves for not always eating 100% raw or feeling bad because we have a craving.  None of it is bad.  When we are tired or stressed out it is easy to reach for those things we know best.  Bad food with empty calories.  Sound familiar?  Everyone goes thru this I think.  Just do what is right for you.  You certainly don’t want to feel as though it is a chore to eat.  Keep within the scopes of general vegan/vegetarian health and you are still a soaring star from the rest who choose to indulge in other non-healthy foods.  Life is a neverending proposition.  We are always evolving into something new.  We just have to remember the movement needs to be positive for both our spirit and our mind!

And now a Recipe….

Last night I made Collard Green Wraps for the first time.  Actually the first time RAW.  There is a posting I have where I stuffed collards with  mushrooms and served them over some quinoa.  You can see that here.

I began with a quick home stylie Tabouli…


1 Cucumber, peeled and cubed

8 Cherry Tomatoes

2 tablespoons Mint

1 cup Flat leaf parsley, chopped

3 tablespoons Raw Sesame Seeds.

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Splash of Bragg

Splash of sesame oil

Preparation: Place all ingredients into a bowl and toss.  Allow to marinate for 15 – 20 minutes.

I then stuffed the collard leaves with sunflower seed hummus, tabouli and an avocado!

Use two Collard Green leaves per wrap.

The Sunflower Seed Hummus you can see here.


2 cups Raw Sunflower Seeds, soaked overnight

1/4 cup Raw Tahini

3 cloves garlic

Juice of 1 lemon

Preparation: With the “S” blade attachment put the Sunflower Seeds into the Food Processor and add all other ingredients.  Process.  Season to Taste. (You can add water to make it smoother or keep it as is.)

Here it is…

This was an enjoyable wrap and very filling.  In the future I think I will add carrots and other veggies and more raw falafel!  Maybe even a nice veggie and nut pate!

More to come folks!  You still have 6 days to enter the RAFFLE!!!

Live in Love and Light!



By reading, following or otherwise using information and links on , you acknowledge and agree to the following.

All Information consists of a layperson opinions and viewpoints. You should not use Information to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting with a qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional before undertaking any new treatment or if you have any questions regarding a medical condition. If Information is used for diagnosis or treatment, it is done so at your own risk. Information is neither intended nor implied to be professional medical advice, nor a substitute for professional medical advice.


In order to keep the digestive system healthy, we must have strong intestines. There are many exercises for the intestines in the form of Surynamaskara (Sun Salutation), Halasana (Plow Pose), Paschimottansana (Seated Forward Fold), Shaahankasana (Child Pose), and Yogamudra .

Among all these – Yogamudra is very helpful in regularizing digestion and problems of the gastrointestinal system.

Sit on a mat, on an even surface, in any comfortable Asana. It can be Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Vajrasana (Thunderbolt or Zen Pose), or Sukhasana (Easy Pose). If possible, sit in Padmasana (lotus posture). For Padmasana, bring your right leg over the left thigh, then left leg over the right thigh, sit straight, bring your hands behind the back, hold your left wrist with your right hand, make a fist, and put your thumb inside the fist.

Inhale and stretch the spine. Gently breathe out, and bend forward, till the forehead touches the ground. Keep the eyes closed. Hold the breath outside. It is called, Bahyakumbhaka. Practicing Yogamudra, with Bahyakumbhaka (Pranayama Technique), increases digestion capacity because the blood circulation decreases in the legs, and it is available in the intestine. The blood circulation also increases towards the heart and the brain. There is stretching of the back muscles and massage to the intestine.

If you can’t hold the breath, do normal breathing. Do it for about 20 seconds in the beginning, and increase the time gradually to about five to fifteen minutes, without any fear. For coming up, inhale and slowly lift your head from the ground. It can be done when the stomach is empty or four hours after taking the food. Persons of all ages can practice Yogamudra fearlessly.


The upper energy of the navel, and the lower energy of the navel, come together in the posture, and then helps in better digestion – it increases flexibility of the knee, hip, and ankle joints – relaxes the neck, back, and arms. Regular practice of Yogamudra gives relief from constipation. indigestion, gas formation, chronic colitis, leucorrhoea, knee joint pain, low backache, and burning sensation in the eyes, which arises from the problem of chronic constipation.

I have found this practice to really help lately.  I am totally concerned about my intestine and stomach remaining healthy.  I am attempting to do what I can to make sure my body runs efficiently.  I don’t like any of that bloated feelings I used to get from cooked food.  Muchless sugar and other bad habits.  No doubt at some point I will taste something that won’t be 100% raw or I will happen to want to share a meal with my NON_RAW family, but I am leaving it up to the universe to decide those factors.

Thank you for reading this posting.  More food on the way.  I have taken a break from preparation and have been relying on salads and smoothies that are simple and not very unique.  I have also been jamming on my oranges, grapefruits and avocados the universe has bestowed upon me by people in the neighborhood.  🙂 Love it!


Here is Yoga Mudra in Vajrasana (Zen/Thunderbolt) instead of Padmasana.


Irregular practice
Incorrect Breathing
Sensuality and desire
Unsteady nervous system
The recognition of sorrow
Despair and hopelessness
Acting without intellegence
Losing concentration and direction
Incorrect knowledge.. misconceptions

All attributes (found in the Yoga Sutras by Pantanjali) that arise on the Yogic Path.  Many of these attributes were overcome while on my Raw Food for 30 days vow.

It was truly an enlightening and an awakening.  A new way to live with endless possibilities.  The vibration of the moon and earth are beautiful.  I am truly happy for the first time in my life.  Truly happy within.  Never before have I felt such a peace and calmness within.  I know I am doing the right thing by loving myself enough to care what I put in my body.  In turn I am able to help others and be kind.  I am also able to show more love for the earth by living off of what it produces and able to eat without the use of excess packaging!  Such a cycle is literally all connected.  Eating local food, saving energy, eating food unprocessed and completly unmanufactured.  It all important.  I would like to teach and help this community I am a part of while I am here at the shop.

In the last 30 days I have eaten:

  • Countless Smoothies
  • RAW Pizza (Twice)
  • Celeraic Apple Soup
  • Living Lasagna
  • Cheezy Zucchini Pasta
  • Raw Falafel Wrap with Tahini
  • Red Salsa
  • Green Salsa
  • Raw Taco Salad
  • Raw Potatoes
  • Kale Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Zucchini Pasta with Raw Marinara and Pesto
  • Fresh Rolls
  • Zucchini Casserole
  • Buckwheat Tomato Olive Bread with Veggie Layers
  • Tomato Ravioli
  • Sesame Nuggets with Raw Rice and Peas
  • Squash Fettucine w/ Morels
  • Pecan Sausage with Thyme Marinated Vegetables
  • Raw Pumpkin Seed Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Red Beet Ravioli
  • Mock Chicken Salad stuffed Red Bell Pepper
  • Raw Chile Rellenos
  • Eggplant Bacon
  • Flax Crust Pizza with Pecan Sausage
  • Flax Crust Pizza with Cashew Cheese and Mushrooms w/ Basil
  • Eggplant Lasagna w/ Pecan Meat

I have enjoyed ALL OF IT!  I was unable to finish this posting on Saturday since I went to a live music show.  What a beautiful evening that was! 🙂  I thank the universe for making it possible for me to have done RAW for 30 Days and BEYOND!!!


Today was the first time in a little over 2 weeks since I wanted anything cooked.  It was a simple craving, that although is still there, I will not give into.

A Flour Tortilla.

When you grow up in a household like I did, you get used to certain foods.  My mother made most all dishes from scratch.  If we went out to eat it was usually because she felt we needed to be exposed to other foods besides what was being served in the home.  Although my father didn’t like that idea to much we still went.  Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Basque Cuisine.  The list could go on and on.  If it wasn’t for this exposure to various cuisines I don’t think I could have been so open to various foods when I decided to become a vegetarian.  (15+ years ag0, btw) 🙂

And from a vegetarian to vegan I am here.  Here in this RAW for 30 day quest of cleansing my body.  Although I had a craving I knew at that moment I needed to clean my mind.  In meditation I thought of a process taught in Raja Yoga.  Cleansing the mind and preparing the body.  I think in addition to what I have been doing I will do a long meditation session to clear my mind field.  The mind field can trick you and it if full of ego.  I would like to be open to all the wonderful energy this food and lifestyle had to offer.

Yesterday for lunch I had a salad and a smoothie.  I also had a few pieces of fruit, which was nice and refreshing.

I made a smoothie and added some Vega to it.  I didn’t like the sweet taste at all.  I didn’t take a picture of it eiether.

For dinner I made pesto and a marinara sauce.  I decided I was ready for zucchini pasta with two different toppings.  It was very delicious I might add.  But again no picture. (I will update the picture later.  I can’t seem to load pictures today???)

I made three piles of the zucchini pasta.  On top of each pile I put a different pasta sauce.  Each was adorned with a different topping.  The Pesto had a black olive tapenade on top of it.  For the marinara I put a few mushrooms that I had marinated on top.  The white macadamia cheese I added I put Basil and Black Truffle oil on top.  It was a damn fine meal I would say.

Marinara Sauce

3 Cloves Garlic

2 Tomatoes

1/2 cup sundried tomatoes (soaked)

1/4 cup olive oil

Dash of Cayenne

Diced Green Olives

Preparation: Place all ingredients into the Food Processor with the S blade.  Turn on and wait until it makes a paste.  You can add water if you would like it a bit thinner.

Pesto Sauce

4 oz Fresh Basil

1/4 cup olive oil

1 cup pumpkin seeds

Juice of 1 lemon

3 cloves of garlic

Preparation: Place all ingredients in the Food Processor with the S blade.  Turn on Processor.  Scrape sides every few moments and finish to desired consistency.

Update: Physically I feel great.  Sleeping really well.  The pesky cough is gone for the most part and I have my voice back.  I feel as though the cleanse is going from the top of my head down.  Almost 14 days into the cleanse and I feel like it is now is the area of my solar plexus.  By the 30th day it should have passed Muladara (Red Chakra) and reached my feet.  No pain in my elbow and No pain in my knees.  I feel alert from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep.

I wish you well!  Sweet Dreams!